Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our Family

Our Family..

There are 8 of us in our family. 

Jeff (Dad)    Dianna (Mom) 

I am Grace (13) ,and I enjoy reading books and playing games with my friends. 

Glori (11) enjoys being outside especially with her pony and donkey.

Georga (7) enjoys being outside and getting dirty.

Josie (4) enjoys playing her dolls.

Sadie (1 1/2) likes wandering around the farm.

Owen (3 months) likes being held.

And yes there are 5 girls, and 1 boy. My mom home-schools us all. We go to Farmer's Market, we have a bakery, we have animals, a greenhouse, so yes you can say we stay pretty busy.

Josie (4) Sadie (1 & 1/2) Georga (7) Grace (13) Glori (11)

Owen (3 months)

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