Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Welcome to the Clevenger Family Farm & Bakery

Welcome to Our Family! First for the ones of you who are new to our farm and business let us be the first to welcome you!!! After many years of "request" from our customers and friends I finally did it...created our very own "blog". I'd like to start by introducing us as family....Jeff, Dianna, Grace, Glorianna, Georga, Josie, Sadie and our newest "blessing" expected to arrive May 2012.  Yes, we are what some say "a big family" but we we just consider ourselves blessed.

Jeff and I have been married 17 years...married as "high-school sweethearts" we have been blessed to be able to work together and have the joy and privilege of raising our five daughters on what we call "the farm".

We love what we do and we love the joy and fulfilment it brings to those we serve at home, at the farm, and especially Farmers Market.

Join us on our Blog as we continue to share the stories of our farm, our family and our life....and as always we consider it a blessing to be part of  His Story!