Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Normal Day..

The normal day at Clevenger Farm.

 On a normal day we usually wake up at around 7am, Glori (age 11) heads out and starts chores that includes; feeding and watering of livestock. I help my mom make breakfast, and help get  the younger girls  ready. Then they head out to play, while I go to the shop. When we're in the shop I help dad make and package cinnamon rolls, breads, and Party-breads. Later during the day (about 2 o'clock) me and mom start cleaning the house. After we are done with working we get the rest of the day to go swimming. And after swimming it is usually late; so we head inside to get ready for bed.

Farmer's Market days.

We get up at 3:30am to get ready, and we have to be in the truck ready to go by 4am. We have to arrive at 6am and be completely set up by 7. Setting up consists of setting out the tables, tablecloths, and then laying out the "goods". Then we're ready for customers. We go from 6am-1pm on Saturdays and Wednesdays at Overland Park. Then we pack up. After Farmer's Market we usually head out to lunch, I like going to Chinese. Then after lunch we go shopping for the bakery. Then we head home.  Since we gave a 2 hour drive home we usually don't get home from 7pm-9pm. So we head to bed.

So that's normal days for our family.


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